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The Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre has committed itself to the dissemination of knowledge and understanding of natural therapies, for over twenty years. Our main website (opens in a new window) provides a veritable mine of information on the various therapies and on the treatment of disease, animal welfare and animal-related issues and it is still growing. Here we provide access to publications, which can be purchased either on line (facility coming shortly) or by postal or telephone enquiry (with cheque, money order, bank transfer).

We look forward to serving you.

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Our Goals
  • To enhance understanding and knowledge of the scope and role of natural medicine in the treatment of animals.
  • To carry out research, when funds allow.
  • To enhance animal welfare.
  • To help those who seek viable 'alternatives' for their animal charges.

The AVMC was officially 'born' in March 1987. It was, at the time, incorporated within a large country veterinary practice but, with the inevitable increase in work, it became an entirely independent entity in the early 1990s.

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Contact details:
AVMC * Chinham House * Stanford in the Vale * Oxon * SN7 8NQ * UK
UK Telephone: 01367 710324 * Fax: 01367 718243
from outside the UK: Tel.: #44 1367 710324 * Fax: #44 1367 718243
major information website: www.alternativevet.org