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Consultation with Christopher Day, via video link (webcam)

For clients from anywhere in the World who are unable to visit us by virtue of distance or other mitigating factor, we offer consultation by video link. It is a truly international service, worldwide. This advanced option has enabled clients from as far away from us as the USA, Australia, South Africa and Orkney to have an animal directly observed and a full history and case study made, so that homeopathic treatment can be instituted. Dogs, cats, horses and other animals can be treated in this way.

Your own veterinary surgeon [veterinarian] is an essential component in this process, in that we require veterinary clinical records or a letter from the patient's veterinary surgeon (veterinarian).

Clearly, hands-on services such as Acupuncture and Chiropractic Manipulation cannot be offered by video consultation, so we do not recommend this video option unless we are unable to meet the patient in person, for valid reasons.

If you have need of this service, please contact the office on 01367 710324 [from outside the UK telephone #44 1367 710324], so that arrangements can be made. A mutually suitable time (not necessarily within our office hours) will be arranged, taking into account time zone differences. You will also be given details of equipment needed and what paperwork we shall need in advance of the session. An estimate of likely cost can be given on request.

It is planned that payment for this service can be made on-line, via this website. However, until the on-line facility has been established, in the near future, please ask the office about other methods of payment.

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